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    In-game account problems

    Hi guys, Iím not quite sure where to put this, as in my opinion itís not a bug - itís more like my in-game account is broken and urgently needs to be fixed.

    It all started after the monthly rollover on 1st of August. As I was opening the achievements tabs it took about 2 mins to get in there. I did the daily pattens (as always for four years now) and as I was claiming the daily rewards, again the game slowed down totally. The SoT, ironite and stuff didnít add up and the message icon did not disappear. So, I really-entered the tab again and the rewards were there - still or again idk - ready to be claimed. As I didnít get them before, I tried again. Same procedure... so I decided to hard reset the game.
    After the app started again, it was on French (should be English in the first place) and clanís feature was locked (not available ďyetĒ). Hmmm?
    I logged out of my account and logged in again. After that the achievements were there again to be claimed. WTF? I entered the achievements tab and the game froze. After two minutes the app closes itself and restarted.

    Since that, I canít open achievements anymore. The game closes immediately. In the meanwhile it shows about 4k completed achievements ready to be claimed. I wrote to NF and we had daily correspondence but all they suggested so far was log out and in again, reinstall the game, update your device ... I did that already before these suggestions a hundred times. I tried 5 different devices with the same result. Ok, I tried to manage doing achievements and events without knowing about any of my progress. Asked clanies to send screens that show what there is to do and I did. It worked it for the first week. I hit the achievements, events, clan-events as usual ang got the rewards (luckily they open instantly and automatically when reached).

    The following week I didnít get any rewards and I didnít claim the daily rewards for 7 days by now. I wrote lists and counted manually how many dungeon runs, awakenings etc I did. I got nothing. NF said I surely would have got my rewards - maybe the info box didnít show up. No, I didnít. As an example: I had 600/300 evo talis frags (left over from before) and did all the evolutions and awakenings which would lead to 300 more frags that would cumulate to 900/300 = 3 souls. Nothing at all.
    So, in the meanwhile I miss 2 full weeks of daily rewards, 1 week of event-based rewards.
    But it gets better. Since the sac event is on, I get several 99-stacks of common gold keys into my BoS and have to open them manually to be able to play at all cuz of the overcrowded BoS-Warnung. This takes 2 1/2 hours each day of which Iím not amused and Iím not capable of doing daily anymore. This is time I canít spare anymore. Finally, since two days now I canít claim the satellite15 and do sacs (funny ... there is a sac event on and my BoS is overcrowded. For the first time ever I canít participate, I canít support my constant SSS-clan and wonít be able to finish achievements like getting toons and talis. I have never NOT finished ANY achievement. Itís just frustrating and itís been like that for 16 days now. Iím tired of it in the meanwhile tho I love that game but I wished I would get more help from NF than mentioned earlier.

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