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    No good reason?? You're the one telling people to "leave your thread".

    I get it.. you're the type where you think it's ALWAYS someone else's fault, right?

    It's one thing to state you disagree.. but to be so self-involved you feel justified in telling anyone who disagrees with you to leave is another matter. I posted **nothing** about you or your opinion. I merely posted my opinion. YOU are the one that responded in a condescending manner telling me to leave as if you own" this thread. If your bloated ego is so fragile as to not withstand a different opinion, you should NOT be posting in a public forum. Because, again snowflake, hate to tell you... but not everyone is going to agree with you.
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    All there is in this app is to spend money or collect yet more frags... entirely pointless and unfulfilling..

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