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    Any tips on how to counter this?

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    Can't do anything against it. Can't use habilities, they just cleanse any negative effects I cast, can't use Apparition, can't rez my teammates and, If I manage to kill the dog, GRE Ed just uses fury and resurrects him. Any help?

    (Can't wait for this meta to be over, this is ridiculous, I see only GREs and Moonchilds. I have even seen multiple characters absorbing each others' taken damage so actually nobody takes any damage.)
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    Henlo! There are a few options to defeat that team:

    1- LAD that thing.

    Yes, you can lad that team it is actually a very present/popular offensive strategy still today. You could use something like:

    - An ability disabler like: Eupatoria (her basic skill applies PAssive Disable) You could put Metal and Penance on her to maximize her Disable options or you could wear Temperance for helping building up your fury faster. There are a lot, A LOT of toons that applies passive disable with a single hit. Derby Demon, The Alchemist (maxed), Sentinel Papa Emeritus, etc...

    -LAD with Midgard. Any other option just makes your life harder. You can use your fury even against Moony.

    -A Tank, a blocker that absorbs damage long enough to LAD that shi.. sorry that thing. Your own yellow Doggo King would be awesome to counter Moony passive.

    -A backup toon, someone who can revive your toons or keep them clean or a helper with your strategy. This fight is actually really easy. They do not have a revenge toon or any toon wearing Envious or Apocalypsis... You can even bring and Odin here if you wish, but a would go for a Toon that keeps you away from Silver effects, could be Babylon, could be the alchemist, your own Dark Lilith... etc Or a toon that revives you and keep you healthy like Osiris... or a toon with forge...just for naming someone

    how to play it?

    1 resist first turn.
    2 apply passive disable.
    3 LAD that shi.. well you now...
    4 repeat. (even if you can give yourself extra turns to re lad it would be amazing)
    5 enjoy and give me pizza.

    2 -Another strategy would be similar, but instead of LAD, you need to apply Permadeath/Perfect Death.

    The same Idea than before, you must play with passive disable before applying permadeath. Today's game playing style is to resolve everything in the same turn, you need to make a synergy between a toon that disables and right away applies Perma effects. And the finish that toon. All in the same turn.

    3 -a Warrior Odin can make your life easier against Moony, or again your Doggo King. And then you can use your abilities. GRE still annoying.

    4 - option, no strategy just brute force kill them all twice... just awful and annoying. I know.

    5- Mirror those teams....your own version of those can give you the same chances to win against the AI.

    Overall strategies and things to consider: Passive Disable, PAssive Disable, PAssive Disable... you need it in order to:

    -Keep that team dead

    -Reviving your toons

    -Stoping that Moony

    -Taking away Tanks' defensive abilities.

    Good luck and good fight there!
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    If this were gauntlet, I would say you could get a lot of value with a Metal defense. If itís arena, Metal might still be a way to go.

    That team is going to be very tough sledding if you try kill Dog King first (unless youíre using LAD, as Maiden pointed out). But GRE (after a turn) and Dark Lilith arenít too hard to kill once they have Passive Disable, and because all the passive disable heís got ^^ (Moony and Dark Lilith) is AoE, flipping it with Metal is a great, cheap way to make them vulnerable. Bonus: that Dog King can live right until the last attack, no problem.

    Edit: combining advices, heís an example of a team that I think would work at least the vast majority of the time:

    G. Dog King (advance the fury, protect your stuff, enable fury)
    S. Banshee/Yggs-Bespoke (Protect the P-Dog, doom protection for everyone!)
    LAD metal (Flip that PD, Apparition)
    ??? Any value toon, extra PD on the basic is a +. Something like W. Mino or Pregnant maybe would make this team work against a lot of different opponents, because you get the anti-revenge as well as passive disable. Or someone who can cleanse your guys from effects this particular opponent doesnít have
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