Hello Troopers!

And welcome to Updates from the News Frontier!

This will be a very short update today as my focus this week has been on preparing as entertaining a stream as possible! Considering the Event does not actually go live until next Monday, there were a few things I had to make sure I was doing correctly! So thanks for your understanding on this being a brief update. The Updates will definitely continue, but for now, I will be moving them to every two weeks instead of weekly. This will tie in much better with the games Patch Notes and updates and hopefully mean much more meaningful posts.

The stream tomorrow on TWITCH is going to be awesome, I have new allies to show off, a brand new Eddie with a Fury animation and Talismans galore. By now, I am sure you have all seen this umbral image of the upcoming Eddie, and many have made their guesses at who it is. I, however, am keeping my lips sealed until tomorrow morning at 10am PST!

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One last thing for today.

We are discussing in the studio how best to provide a Question and Answers session for everyone in the Community. At the moment we are leaning towards a Twitch stream where myself and a couple other members of the team will be available for a set amount of time to take questions from Twitch chat and answer them to the best of our ability. To go along with this, we would provide a way to submit questions in advance via a Google form or another similar method. This will ensure we can gather the most prominent questions that everyone has on their minds and have answers ready to go.

If you have some suggestions as to how you would like to see a Q&A session happen, please let me know in this thread. This is for the Community, so I want to make sure it is done with YOU in mind.

That's it for this Update! See you all tomorrow morning for the Twitch Stream!

Signing off,