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    Game Update - August 31, 2020

    A new update is now available!

    Compendium Updates

    New Frontier Dungeon section available now!

    We’ve expanded the Compendium once again to give you all the information you need on tackling the Frontier Dungeons available in game.

    Each Frontier Dungeon page contains information on restrictions, earnable items, as well as details on enemy waves including the exact characters you can expect to face off against, and the talismans they’ll have equipped.

    Reference this section to help you strategize your plan of attack and pinpoint where to pick up rare rewards!

    This update also sees the following additions:
    • Unique character effects such as ‘Mark of Diablo’ are now captured in the Effects page
    • Characters whose main purpose is to be sold or used as Sacrifice fodder are now called out as such

    Inventory Improvements!

    Cosmic Talismans now searchable by set bonus effect!

    Cosmic Talisman naming conventions have changed slightly so that the set effect is called out in the item name itself. Now, when you search the name of a set bonus effect in your inventory, the corresponding Cosmic Talismans will appear.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed an issue where a character could be selected again from the team selection screen when using a Space Time Amulet.**
    • Fixed an issue where users accounts could have more daily challenges available than intended.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur with certain team combinations interacting with Templar Crusader Eddie.**
    • Fixed an issue where the currency conversion prompt could use a previous value to base the calculation on.**

    **Requires Client download to function

    Tuning Changes
    Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release!
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    Please note that the majority of the features/bug fixes listed above will not be available until the latest client is downloaded.

    Players will be able to log in to the game and play (as well as face off against Baphoment) thanks to a backwards compatible server update we pushed this morning. In order to receive all the new additions and improvements listed above, players will still need to download the latest version of the game from the App Store or Google Play store once this appears.

    When we believe the update has been widely propogated to these stores, we will turn on a force upgrade.

    Furthermore, our Compendium update will also take a little while longer, but we expect it should be up mid-afternoon!

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