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    Madness isn’t too hard. Not a speed team but auto: cyborg, wrathchild, Osiris, then just to level up gunnr or caria. Osiris is good to remove marks that are on first round. If you don’t have him, the purple yin talismans are immune to marks.

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    Madness team..

    Max Navigator (bespoke cosmic and blight talismans)
    Prisoner (Serenity/Sacred/Cosmic Death Mark)
    Gnnr Valhalla Maiden (serenity/sacred/cosmic echo)
    Max Osiris (Radnarok/Cosmic Angel)

    May not be the fastest at around 1 min per run, but full auto without worry.
    All there is in this app is to spend money or collect yet more frags... entirely pointless and unfulfilling..

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