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    Amulets in Gauntlet

    I'm just curious what the thinking was to allow amulets to work in Gauntlet.

    A guild mate mentioned that they could be beneficial to help new players get through S, and that wouldn't have a big impact on the top-end Gauntlet runners. That makes sense. But once you get to SSS it seems like amulets make it possible to achieve much greater success that potentially does have a really big impact on the end result.

    I'm not being negative to anyone using Amulets to bump their win count. It's a valid game strategy now and kudos to anyone willing to put the time and effort into winning any legitimate way possible. I'm just curious what the devs were thinking.

    Gauntlet was supposed to be the way to test your ability to build and run teams. It inspired you to chase the powerful characters and talisman sets and it challenged you to think in the end rounds, sometimes for a ridiculously long time, trying to figure out what characters you were willing to commit to a battle knowing they would be gone from your roster. I won Gauntlet before Amulets and had considered making another run sometime. I'm not sure I want to even make the attempt now knowing that I may not be competing against only other strategist's rosters, but would likely now be competing against the number of amulets others have saved up. Being able to recall characters seems like it takes away a little of the strategy behind the challenge.

    I'm curious what others think, particularly if you have made a gauntlet run using amulets how you felt it changed the experience. Does it really make a big difference?
    If anyone if willing to share.
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    I like it. On old devices, app can freeze or spinning wheel, etc and you will lose a turn with those characters without actually playing them. Also on top tier (I’ve never been there) you are limited by how many eddies you have before you cant play anymore. If no one loses, it’s a tie for first. Don’t think that’s ever happened, but now there can be a wider lead for first place

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    You could think in Amulets as another piece or tool in your strategy and something else to beat, you are not only playing against how many Eddies the others might have but how many Amulets. When you see someone above 115 fights... Do they spend them already in one fell swoop or are they keeping a few more amulets for the last round? are you doing the same? do you have enough to beat it or better to way next week? and so on...
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    It's not a real issue considering this is the only game you start and set your device down for the rest of the night while it plays without any interference. Of course, that's if it's working. Lol

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