Better late than never! The final 3k monthly fragments are up for grabs, along with the new Gluttonous talismans and a reprint of the Viking and Grim Reaper bespoke cosmics. This is a nice time to take a break from Raven's Altar and run a few keys in the 5 class dungeons. LoL and BNW are also options for farming the event fragments, but the drops aren't guaranteed like the other dungeons, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're working on other achievements. I recently max awakened Horus, so I'm back in the Bad Place

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Autoplay time constantly switches between 10s and 3s. Whenever it is 3 seconds, the event challenges do not count.
Ah, so that's what caused it. Had that happen once before, don't remember exactly when or which dungeon, but I remember getting excited at seeing the 3s timer again. And then deflated once I noticed it didn't count towards the event challenges. From memory, the runs did still count towards the regular achievements though, which was strange. The timer went back to 10s after restarting the game.