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Thread: October Events

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    October Events

    So October begins the Baphomet Mega Event, which is nice.

    Living Nightmares: An event that initially was awful but is getting updated to be reasonable now. Paranoia talismans look great.
    Divine Pact: Likely an event to get raid boss frags and such. Also, might be new awakening shards that are required for Baphomet as he requires both Hell and a new type of shard that we currently cannot obtain.
    Darkest Fears: Could be the new Dark Road Ed. Again, shame we can't get the Paranoia talismans since they're locked in the shitty Living Nightmares event.
    The Ultimate Price: Cosmic Greed, perhaps?
    Sentinel Undead Convict: Rot talismans along with a new character, I guess?
    Ace of Spades: Some new thing we can get from sacrificing; the previous sacrifice event was talismans, so maybe this'll be characters?
    Dracula's Return: Probably a similar dungeon to what we had last year, with a new Ed?
    Gauntlet Fall Tour: New talismans and a new gauntlet run.
    Dead Man's Party: Could be anything really.

    So what do you all think?
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