The Mofo Cult is looking for two new members to replace a couple LotB legends who recently left the game.

We are a top Clan that hits SSS within 24 hours and easily completes all Clan Event challenges (also usually within 24 hours).

More importantly, we are a chilled group of no-drama mofos that is proud to be an international alliance with members from all over the world. We have many Day 1 players, Eternals, and Forum members you would recognize.

We're looking for a couple top players who check-in daily and use all SoB. We also would want you to join our Discord server. Some of our members spend a lot of time on Discord, and others just drop by from time to time. But, we want all our members on the server to facilitate Clan communication and teamwork.

Please send me a PM if you have interest.

Up the Irons! \m/