I got bored and cobbled this up it would be a soldier ed awakening event. also it would give us paschendale ed as a passive varriant of soldier ed. He is on the cover of the solo release for an idea of what he would look like at the bottom.
It is meant to be tough but i want oppinions from everyone. This would also have a rework of the dungon with a 2 hour timer

Airstrip Dungeon Hard

Boss Wave
Paschendale ed Peace + bespoke (im still working on a passive)
Corupt Feldmarschall siege yang
Pyro Soldier reaper shell
Rocket Dog yin and strike
Warrior Woman in uniform viper

Wave 4
Where eagles dare valour lust
Axis bomber vampirc vorpal
Possessed Rockets Primodial

Wave 3
Tail Gunner ed rags echo
Vesper Woman in Uniform sulfer lust
Domino Woman in Uniform giant
Dog of War yggdrasil
Warrior Allied Soldier trooper grail

Wave 2

Artilery dog fate sustaining
gunner allied bomber moon limbo
possesed rockets persecution health

Wave 1
G undead allied soldier vorpal
A axis soldier starfire
A pyro soldier immortal
M axis soldier
A undead axis gunner venom nightmare