First off this is NOT a complaint about poor response times or the support staff failing to actually solve the tickets.

This is about errors with the bug/ticket reporting system itself. This mostly just another place to put this for the team to reference and for other players to add issues they have experienced as well.

  • When submitting through the app (at least on devices I have used) attachments can not be added
  • Upon completion of submitting the ticket, the submitted splash screen can not be closed and you must restart the app. This was introduced with the last tuning notes.
  • The support inbox is actually out of space and I am now getting bounce back emails from gmail. This is only when trying to reply through the email and not when managing tickets through the website. With the first point this means I have to navigate to the website to upload screenshots instead of simply replying to the email. Considering the website isn't advertised anywhere, I assume this will affect most players trying to interact with support.