New Lantern Passive “Dark” Eddie is healing Odin with all of his basic attacks... at least Odin XIII, and once he gets to about 18%. Pic with the associated ticket (63922).

Also, now that I’ve begun a new clan I’ve heard chatter on The Discord (not Discord... The Discord... definitely) that there is a strange issue with wave 3 of the Daily Dungeon. Those crazy Yahoos that grant a toon Endure for two turns (with their passives) continue to grant Endure for two turns when their passive is disabled. In fact, attacking into them seems to trigger Endure even after Passive Disable has been applied. i.e., they grant it to themselves when it isn’t even their turn to do stuff.

This Enduring “Endure” seems to last anywhere from 1 to a million turns (despite passive disable, and no matter for how many turns passive disable had been or is supposed to be active). It has resulted in losses... and next run through has not been problematic at all.

An explanation would be.. kind. ;-). Thank you.