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Just to get ahead of the conversation a bit, I can confirm that we'll be revisiting Wasteland Eddie's kit for our December release.

We'll be reviewing and revising his kit to better flesh out his gameplay identity as a daring defense crusher, all while making sure that his unique interactions work as intended.

Finally, we've also reviewed and escalated reports of Daedalus' Instant Kill trigger not working as described. It seems as if this might only be happening under very specific circumstances. If you can share an exact team and talisman set-up that causes this to occur consistently, please let us know. Thanks!
Durandal read this post PAGE 2, DAEDALUS BUG SCREENSHOTS (from months ago...) its seem to happen when someone in the team has doom protection (in this case Lilith Bespoke Talisman) https://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?13755-Video-Bugs!