I've been "playing" this app for a coupe years.

I know how things generally work in terms of do X to get frags for Y or spend on Z... that sort of thing. Very familiar with it.

The past week or two I've somewhat had my attention elsewhere and haven't "played" this app much at all. Maybe 0-15 minutes to log in, clan checking and a couple raid battles maybe, then sometimes auto-run something to burn the collected SOT.

Point being, I haven't been exceptionally attentive to any announcements or news and haven't been the forums at all.

So after being essentially away for a week or so... I'm lost in terms of what frags do what for what character....

And, If I'm lost, just imagine how any new player feels.

I merely point this out because the app itself is doing a generally terrible job at telling the user what frags are needed in the store - I mean there's just an image and many frags look identical. In the BOS frags, there's no real indicator if frags are for ONLY purchases or will be good for characters - the Wild Card and Equilibrium frags are a PERFECT example of this.. in the BOS, their purpose appears essentially identical. However, seemingly Wild Card frags have zero use other than as store currency, where as Equilibrium frags can result in characters (Baphomet).

I only post this to hopefully make devs aware of this HUGE hurdle they are placing in front of users. It's near impossible to tell what to spend, where, on what, because NOTHING in the app related to frags or events is clearly described or explained. In fact the entire frag system is a mess.