First I’ll mention that this game has always been improving visually. The dungeons look amazing and the reworked Wicker Man Isle is like night and day compared to what Ailing Kingdom was. The new characters are looking better and better too.

The compendium is a great source of info as well for a game as complex as this one with all of the effects and abilities.

So that said, this game is still all over the place with the effect icons and having little words pop up to denote that something has taken place or many flashing numbers that show damage or healing that may not all be necessary to show. There are also larger, different icons above the characters that show what talismans are being worn and a passive ability, but if 3 talisman effects are active then the passive isn’t shown at all.

So getting to the point. Recently I’ve noticed some new visuals—cool little white and red orb-like things flying around characters as well as a sort of chain force field that appears.They look great!

But do they signify anything like the somehwhat dated circling shields do? I don’t believe they do and I think it would be cool if these new visuals were evidence of some innate effect or status rather than just being on random toons at random times to make the game look cooler.

TL/DR: suggestion is to use some of these new graphics to indicate innate effects or update old effects instead of randomly having them show up when a character performs an action without any sort of meaning.