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    Roll over lag delays are gone now, but gauntlet rewards were missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimDusk View Post
    I'm noticing a pattern of Sin talismans and Heaven talismans; the 5 sets are the sin ones like prideful and envious, whereas mercy and peace are the 6 set heaven ones.
    Good observation, I had not noticed the set-size connection!

    Allow me to add the Virtue 4-sets to the conversation, as they're more of a fitting counter part to the Sins 5-sets. We've only seen Temperance and Prudence so far, although I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually saw the other five, being Justice, Courage/Fortitude, Hope, Faith, and Charity/Love.

    We've seen more of the Deadly Sins so far. Lust, Pride, Envious, and Gluttony, with Wrathful mentioned as being part of the ongoing Forbidden Knowledge mega-event. Which only leaves Sloth and Greed. Greed is debatable though, as it already exists as a 4-set talisman. It will either remain the odd one out, or we might see a new set called Avarice at some point.

    Mercy and Peace are rather interesting, mostly due to the symbol featured on each other them. Unlike the sadly made-up sigils used to tease the Pilgrim, these two symbols are "real", and represent the angels Raphael (Peace) and Uriel (Mercy). Considering how Uriel is often associated with fire, summer, or the sun, the artwork for the Mercy talismans suggests this is no coincidence, the symbols weren't picked randomly. We know we'll be seeing Gabriel as a character soon, and I wouldn't be surprised if Raphael, Uriel, and Michael will also be gracing our screens in the future, those being the four Archangels most commonly mentioned in various different belief systems, including Anglicanism ( Other lists have more than four names, but those are typically more varied with less cross-over.

    Another interesting to note, and all praise to the artists for this, is all three of those talisman cycles have their own unique icon frames they all use.
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