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Seems odd to the using the char intended to be received as the reward (Templar Crusader Ed) of standard achievements. Has this happened in the past?
Most dungeon achievement characters were previously available in limited-time events, with the dungeon serving as a permanant way to acquire them. Templar Crusader might be the first one that was part of a month-long mega-event though? It's certainly the first of these characters that I've owned myself before the dungeon launched.

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I've been running this team, which has a fastest time of 29s but typically runs at 34-36s:
Templar Crusader Eddie: Lantern, Grail, Crusader T3
Max Owl: Giant
Purple Heirophant: Banner, Warlord
Purple Archer: Ragnarok, Strike
Oh wow, swapping out the Envious on my Templar (I mistakenly mixed up Crusader and Templar in my original post) and replacing them with Lanterns has easily shaved at least 20s off my average times. Tears through that first stage too. It's the interaction between Lantern's healing and Templar's damage when healed passive right?