Event currency is currency earned via specific events that can be traded in store for high value items during a set period of time. Event currency will largely replace the use of tradeable fragments in future events.

Each event currency will be earnable and usable for 1 specific event, or mega event. Once the allotted period for that currency has expired, all remaining event currency will be converted into another currency or high value reward based on the type of event!

How can I see my total?
Your event currency totals are visible when you enter the Event tab in the Store, and the Event tab of the Challenge menu.

What do the timers under my event currency total mean?
Timers are always present on event currencies to indicate the time to earn and spend them.
  • White timer: This showcases the amount of time left to earn event currency
  • Red timer: This event currency has less than 24 hours before it is no longer earnable
  • Grey timer: This event currency is no longer earnable. The time remaining indicates how long you have to spend your remaining currency. Once this timer runs out, any remaining event currency will be converted into another reward.

Once a currency converts you will see a pop up in game indicating what that event currency has been transformed into.