With the inception of the new currency for ally events some changes have been made to the way currency is displayed in the store.
The new currency type shows up when a player accesses the event tab of both the store and challenges menu, but all the other currencies that used to be there are gone now.

I asked on twitter if that was intented or subject to change. The reply was that it is intended.
I don't really like that change.

I'd rather have all the currencies be shown there.
Or even better: show the currencies that are needed to purchase the various things that are available at that point in that particular store tab.
I don't need to see the amount of Trooper Flags I have when I'm purchasing awakening material packs, though I would love to see the amount of awakening soul fragments.
Also, why isn't the amount of tribute shown when I'm accessing a store tab that offers things for tribute?

On top of that, I think the sacrifice event is a great type of event that would work with the new currency type like we saw with the Spirit Jaguar.
Right now when I want to purchase a pack with Enraged Soul fragments, I don't know how much I have or how much more I need when I don't have enough and I end up going back and forth to my book of souls checking the fragments I have.

There's a lot that can be improved here, but the bottom line is: what does a player need to see when accessing all the different menus in the game?

Does the dev team have any plans on changing/improving the situation? And if so, is that a thing we can expect to see soon (tm) or something we shouldn't get our hopes up about?
I'm also curious as to what other players think about this.