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    Suggestion - inventory sync button?

    I see lots of people regularly mentioning (eg: on discord/fb) about not seeing rewards. Usually to fix this involves doing something like signing in on another device, logging out and then logging in, clearing the app cache or in drastic circumstances uninstall/reinstall. Sometimes simply waiting for that same item to update again (eg: more rewards of the same type) fixes it.

    Could there be a button that syncs all your inventory from the servers, overriding what is local?

    Maybe put this in "Settings -> Account" or on the main Account page (top left icon, same page as where the "Log Out" button is).

    Preferably, this would not remove saved teams and the like. Just update inventory (eg: souls, soul frags, gold, trooper badges, frontier coins, iron coins, tribute, event currency, talismans, shards, runes, characters, etc).

    Now this would be time consuming and could put the servers under load if everyone was to use this often, so perhaps it could be put behind a timer so that it can only be done once every 24 hrs?

    Pretty sure this would stop a lot of people constantly raising tickets for stuff not showing up in their game.
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