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    If you're looking for Baph strategies, this setup gives me a SSS on all Baphs other then 10 (because 10 revenges).
    Crusader Eddie with his bespoke and Yggorasil
    Red Allied Soldier with the Siege Cosmic and Ragnarok
    Any two other characters that do 6 hits with their basic attack

    Each round will start with Baph debuffed (thanks to Siege). Use one of the two 6 hitters to attack. That will do 12% of Baph's health and remove the Siege buff.
    Then do Crusader's Present Basic attack (Liberation). That will put on 3-6 more debuffs.
    Then attack with the other 6 hitter.
    Then attack with the allied solider.
    (You have the solider go last because if the debuffs fall in the other attacks, he has a chance of self debuffing.)

    Usually this is 38% per round. And Ragnarok and Ygg easily keep everyone alive for a few more rounds, letting you kill him.
    This evening I just did Baph 1-7 with this strategy. (I have a LOT of these characters for this very reason.)

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