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    Cosmic Dungeon & the invincible Valkiries.

    EDIT: Got a response from the birdapp side, the lads are looking into it (Sorry that we got you all working on a friday, I know it sucks)

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    Since at least yesterday, the Cosmic Talisman Dungeon has been giving me the most weird issue in the game so far: First wave, Valkiries, become immune to damage after your first turn.

    Negative effects can still apply, but since one of them brings a talisman set that prevents silver effects, Doom is not possible to apply.

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    Now, I could try to go for one turn kills, but resurrections, disruption shields and the like prevent a full wipe in some cases, and the autoplay AI tends to NOT wipe the enemy team in the first turn. I've had cases, like in the Sentinel version of the dungeon, that unless I manually play the dungeon, I waste a key and an hour f my time, since the team won't progress, stuck at wave 1.

    I don't know what causes this bug. It's not happened in Arena, Gauntlet, Cosmos or other dungeons (so far). No talisman or passive combo on the side of the Valkiries should cause this effect, and even if it somehow copied over Odin's passive (how or why are beyond me), the multiple attacks should still bring them down. Instead, the "missed" message appears over them.

    MAX HP down is applied by the Lord of Light, but once it reaches it's max value, it just loops back to full MAX HP once again.

    Other waves of the dungeon, no matter the color, either don't go into turn 2 or when they do they don't present this issue. I don't know if its just on my end, or if it's a wider bug.

    I tried reaching over to the team via Twitter, but no response has been given. I know most attention right now is on Terrible Tim (wich is great!) and the Christmass event, the black friday "sale" and what not, but if anyone from the team could give me a reson for this to happen, how to avoid it, or if it's a bug to be crushed by updating the game, I would be grateful.

    I have pre-emptively warned my clanmates about the issue, and decided to post on the forums to look for answers as well.

    Happy weekend lads.
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    Yes, I was the guy with the "now not so meme" arena defense of Shaman Eddie and three ult. Sac. Hearts. Changed a Heart and Eddie

    I was gone for like 3 years, still getting used to how the game works now.

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