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    Improvements for Stores menu and BoS' navigation

    I will list some suggestions to add NEEDED features and finally improve the way we can navigate stores and the book of souls section, in order to spare us all the time we lose just to perform simple actions:

    • add a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen while being in any menu, which lets you slide the tabs faster
    • DON'T make the menu start back from the first item Every time we buy something or summon a soul/key (it is really frustrating to swipe all the way back every single time!) , but let us stay where we are
    • let us buy more pieces of a specific item at once, likewise the souls selection in BoS, instead of tapping it 5-10 times (and swiping till there every time...)

    I kinda suggested some of these months ago, when it was nice to implement, but now with the wide menu content it is needed. It just took me around 5minutes only to buy 3 items, 10 times each, that were at the end of the store list :/

    It should by the way be easy to implement this and it would be sooo much better

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