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    My mistake.

    I'm easily confused, since they can't seem to decide which events have frags and which have currency, after the recent announcement that they were now using the currency system, but still gave frags for some events.
    March 1st 2019 - NEVER FORGET! They stole 50% of our rare soul frags, 11% mythical frags, 60% legendary frags and 66% of rare class specific frags! Plus doubled gold price for summoning souls without notice!

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    With the event extended an additional day, I don't feel so far about forgetting to post this yesterday :P

    You all know how these character fragment events work, so get out there and grind away in the Lord of Light stages! Make sure you are doubling up on the Greeting Variety event and using as many Cyborg characters are possible at the same time. Don't forget to claim your Yeti before the event ends

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    The cosmic Past talismans have defensive stats.

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