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    LOTB 2020 Character Design Retrospective

    Seasons greetings, Troopers.

    With 2020 coming to a close (or a screeching, smoldering slide across the pavement - however you might interpret it), I wanted to take an opportunity to spark up a casual year in review. It feels like yesterday since the likes of Live After Death Eddie and The Mercenary were released. The competitive meta has been shifting in exciting ways throughout the year with the introduction of a wild assortment of strategies and effects that counter them. PVP has become an intense bloodbath of dangerous threats, with fewer strategies that rely on revive effects.

    To kick off the new year, we introduced Scream For Me Eddie and the Women In Uniform who were featured in the lovingly crafted Cart & Horses Dungeon. The Egyptian God Horus was also our first awakened character of the year. While he doesn't see as much play these days, if you see your opponent rocking Gluttonous Talismans...he might just put them in their place.

    Since then, it's been a wild year. Some of my own favorite memories include Raid Boss as a feature overall, Live After Death Eddie's harrowing Apparition effect, Grim Reaper Eddie's Awakening, the long-awaited and oft-requested X Factor Eddie, Terrible Tim...and of course, Baroness Redan's passive rework and Awakening. No bias.

    All that said, I would love to hear your thoughts the characters you have enjoyed collecting this year. Whether they looked especially wicked, or if they were intuitive and interesting to play, or even if they were simply a reliable backbone to many of your strategies - who were your favorites this year?
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    maybe just maybe do a post asking for people thoughts about how you lot are doing with this game.....not looking good for positive thoughts considering the game is broke to hell and you cant fix it lets look at some of the stuff thats gone wrong

    1. Arena bugs still persist
    2. Gauntlet bugs still persist
    3. Cyborgs graphical glitch in labyrinth - still persists
    4. Event challenges not counting
    5. hours and hours to wait after an event goes live
    6. still takes an age after reset to log in
    7. Tickets are still not being dealt with

    Spend your time fixing the game rather than asking what peoples thoughts are about characters. yes i'm seriously annoyed that the game never works properly and with the constant influx of toons and talismans and even events are making the situation worse..
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    I don't get why Horus doesn't get more love. My maxed Horus is one of my top used allies.

    LAD was a lot of "fun" (read, an easy toon to win with) when he was released but with more and more apparition counters, I find myself using him less and less which I do feel sad about.

    More recently, I absolutely loved Donnie's (Monster Bat's) kit. I like it when Eds have completley different playstyles and strategies. More tools for my tool belt.

    I also have high praises for How Day of the Deaddie looks and how beautiful his dungeon was. Like so many other Maiden fans, my first draw was their unique and eye catching art style. It was really nice to get that feeling again in game.

    But 100% best toon of the year, SENTINEL VOIDLING!!! I hated not having him and I don't care that he was supposed to be a "trick" in his release event. He had been higher on my wish list than the 4 Odins I don't have yet.
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    I hate to say it, but I don't like the Odin toon. It looks like a fat gnome.

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