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    Update the compendium!

    Can you pls update the compendium a little bit "faster"?
    Missing infos:
    - Character max awakening needed mats and where to find them
    - Cosmic Talismans evolve to level 4 and 5 needed mats and where to find them

    You only need to paste&copy such things!

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    The compendium is even further out of date now.

    The frontier dungeons have not been updated since before Christmas.

    There are also a number of things that need to be fixed.

    The search filters are bad:
    1) some of the categories get no results or should not be there altogether (Executioner, Heroic Exclusive), and the Awakenable filter includes characters that cannot be awakened and misses some which can be.
    2) Try filtering for Warrior OR Gunner character (this type of filter is useful when trying to put together teams for dungeons). It produces no results because the filter looks for Warrior AND Gunner which cannot exist.

    The effect search does not pick up effects which are inflicted / granted as part of passives.

    You can look at individual characters to see what bespoke talismans they can use, but you cannot look at talismans and see a proper list of all the characters they can be used on as the description in the text can be a bit vague. You should be able to list all the characters on the talisman page with a quick bit of SQL if you built your database right.

    You should also be able to list all the characters that can inflict / grant an effect on the page that describes the effect as well.

    Some of these things are easy fixes, others just need your database updating. It should not be that difficult.
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