I had my Trooper list maxed out, 50/50 Trooper slots taken up. I just got on today and all 50 are gone. Itís got the 3 default ones that you start the game with like always. And to make the situation even more confusing; if you have all 50 slots used up, then Iím sure youíve noticed this as well, how sometimes youíll still receive Trooper requests, but you can accept them since you got all 50 slots used up. When I got on and saw all my Troopers gone, I still had 2 requests to for the Trooper rentals. I had several requests still there that I couldnít accept since all my slots were full. But for some reason there was 2 hold over requests that were just randomly still there.

What the hell is the deal with this? Has anyone else experienced this?