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    Legacy of the Beast - State of the Nation - December 2020 Update

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    Welcome Troopers, to the last State of the Nation for 2020!

    And what a year it has been. Covid - 19 has sent us all back to our homes for safety, but from that was born many new and exciting initiatives including the Twitch Live streams, Community Challenges and more frequent State of the Nation updates!

    This update, I have some questions that have come in specifically from the community that I would like to chat about. So let's dive in!

    Status of Avalon and Silent Planet

    In short, Avalon is coming.

    Gabriel, our precursor Ally for Avalon is out in the wild with our first cycle of Gauntlet Season 9 winner having received the very first Gabriel! Soon after this, more of you will be able to Summon her using your Fragments. As we move into the new year you will see the very first events with featured characters and the prelude to the story of Avalon! I won't spoil any of the main characters that you are going to see, for now... But maybe you can make some guesses!

    The Avalon release will be a multi month roll out with new events and characters frequently being introduced!

    EDIT - I missed my line about Silent Planet.

    Let's get Avalon released before we start talking about more areas of the game!

    Awakening new characters - process of choosing which ones

    The process of choosing new characters to Awaken is one that goes along with our events and dungeons. With the release schedule of specific events, the team try to pick correlating characters that could be deserving of the Awakening process! They also look at older Eddies and Allies that could do with a spring cleaning and take them into consideration.

    With that information, have you any ideas of who the next Eddies or Allies that might be Awoken in the New Year?

    Clan Raid Boss

    The release of the 3rd Raid Boss is a greatly anticipated event and we want to make it the best it can be! And because the teams eyes are heavily fixed on Avalon, we do not have a release date for the 3rd Clan Raid boss but you are likely to see him mid to late 2021.

    Some fun Stats

    Here are some average stats that we looked up for the year!

    • 19.1% of all users completed 50+ Arena Battles!
    • 7.6% of all users who played in the Arena reached King V or higher!
    • There are on average 32,000 Lord of Light Frontier Dungeon keys opened per month.
    • The most popular keys (in order) from the store are: Eternal Dungeon, Mayan Dungeon and the Infernal Dungeon

    General Bug and Q & A notes

    Throughout the last few months, the team have been focusing their efforts on emergent issues as they arise. This includes design and the engineering team vying to keep a stable and enjoyable experience in game for everyone. So when you find a Talisman or Ability not working as it should, the team are on the issue as soon as they can!

    During October we held a Q & A Stream on Twitch, of which you can find the Youtube video here if you haven't seen it yet! There have been requests to have this released in Document form, which we intend on doing as soon as possible ( I am aiming for next week), however time constraints have led to the delay of this being released.

    At the beginning of December we encountered issues with overlapping ‘Grind’ events and the impact that they have on server stability and your ability to play the game. We understand how frustrating this was for players and we aim to keep working on stability, hopefully keeping these issues from cropping up again.

    Some concept art

    Time for some concept art! The Art team work tirelessly creating our Eddies, Allies and environments for Legacy of the Beast and it's only fair we share some of this!

    Here is the last teaser of the Avalon content that we are releasing before the first Avalon event in the New Year!

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    These are the Fomorians! These reptilian humanoids are the beasts that are infesting the Isle of Avalon and it will be your job to help clear them out!

    Upcoming Holiday Content

    December is full of amazing events and we can't wait for you to experience them, there will be new and returning characters for you to collect, special Awakening materials, more giveaways and Advent gifts both on our Social pages and in game!

    On December 17th we will be debuting the Christmas Dungeon where we will be returning to the writings of Dickens!

    For more, check out our Christmas Trailer on YouTube here -

    And to all a good night

    That's it from me for the State of the Nation! I hope you made it to our year end Twitch Stream to see the dungeon and characters! Have a Happy Holidays and here's to a great 2021!

    ^ Ceeg
    Social and Community Advocate

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    Awaken Run to the Hills Ed

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    Avalon...the island of new hats and bugs!
    What toon next to be awakenable? Eddie. The 1st we got in this game and in memorial of the good old days!

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    If your thinking on awakening old and weak Eddies, i think the next ones could be:
    - Seventh Son Eddie: this poor guy is useless, it only "works" with the newest or most powerfull talismans and he still dies really fast
    - Alexander Eddie: still a good Eddie, but he's lacking of offensive and defensive power
    - Hallowed Eddie: same as Alexander Eddie, good but kinda weak on this days
    - Wickerman Eddie/Shadow Wickerman Eddie: both are useless even in the lowest levels of the story or pvp, so they should have an update on their habilities. Also Wickerman Edd needs a re-design, he's pretty bad looking compare to his pasive version

    And for the allies could be Necropolis, Killer Prime or Set: all of them are good in some cases, but they are a little outdated... maybe excepting Necropolis, who still defends pretty well, but the other two are really week in most of the battles

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    I definitely am looking forward to Avalon and am glad that the new raid boss will be a bit later in the year; Odin (in my opinion) got eclipsed by Baphomet's release being not too far from his playable debut.

    Looking forward, if I were to look at any Eddies for revamping (not awakening, just kit reworks), I'd definitely want Visions Ed and Mummy Ed to get something. Most of the original 3 star Eddies aren't great, but they at least got revamps here and there that can make them useful for newer players. Mummy Ed is the only one (as far as I know) that has had not a single change to his kit since release. As for Visions Ed, he's a natural 5 star that has some of the worst skills in the game. His fury in particular is just terrible, stunning himself for longer than his enemies! So I would certainly like those two to get a fresh coat of paint.

    For awakening, I would certainly like to see either the generals from battlefield get awakened, or Beast Eddie. The Corrupt General in particular has some neat things about him that are present in the comics only, such as a space demon appearing from the black hole in his chest. Beast Eddie has always been my favorite Eddie design wise, and I think that he deserves awakening to follow after his master Baphomet.

    Overall, I am glad to see the progression the game will take over the next year. Despite some of my complaints occasionally such as the Living Nightmares event or other bugged releases, this game is really a lovely homage to Iron Maiden and I hope to see it prosper going forward.

    Up the irons!

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    As stated by a fellow, Visions. You guys were selling him on a pack for cash last week, no shame.

    A full revamp of old toons is in order. The awakened worms is a meme, but many many old toons lack good skills or passives and take extra shards compared to new ones.

    As for new awakenings, Clansman, if only to fight Edward the Great, who will awaken too AND has an alternative version with a passive. Maybe switch him from the "movie" clothes to the armor he would've worn in battle. Bruce knows enough history, ask him a few ��

    Again I will voice my displeasure on Gabriel as a character being touted one of the maidens of Avalon. Maybe you guys watched too many reruns of Constantine, maybe you wanted an angel and heaven couldn't wait (hah, song), but the maidens of Avalon have names, and are Welsh. Don't wash away that with Judeo-Christian, basic theming. You can do better than that.

    In any case, it's been a year in which I'm thankful for this game. I know I complain a lot, and sometimes it is frustrating, but clans couldn't have come with a better timing, new communities are forming and fans are meeting eachother without having to spot the other iron maiden shirt in the street. You guys have tried to keep the burning ship of the game afloat stays up. Hats off.

    Sure sometimes we don't get rewards (support said I did, but frags in the inventory don't lie), sometimes we need to wait to get in for events, but it's been there for us, and our purchases have surely helped the Devs in these plague times.

    For a healthier, less buggy, awakened 2021, cheers, for the Devs, for the players, and for all of your loved ones. Happy early holidays and up the irons conchetumare!

    Yes, I was the guy with the "now not so meme" arena defense of Shaman Eddie and three ult. Sac. Hearts. Changed a Heart and Eddie

    DEF: Day of the Dead Eddie (Prudence, Nagual T3); Valentine's: Starfire; Heart1: Ragnarok, Echo; Heart2: Orbit.

    I campaign to no end or avail for a general talisman rework (small talisman sets, max size of sets becoming 2, 3 slots per toon, one of those for cosmic only)

    Proud member of ChileanMaiden #RenunciaPiņera

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    The ally that I'd most like to see awakened is Clairvoyant. She's the main guide for most of the story but is severely underpowered. And her brother is awakenable. There was a hint in the Day of the Dead dungeon story that she may be coming back (story wise). If I interpreted that correctly, I'd think that would be the perfect time to awaken her.

    I'm enjoying the game, and looking forward to Avalon. Thank you for all the work you folks put in to make this free to play game enjoyable for us.

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    For awakenings, I say Final Frontier Eddie, Sekhmet, and Necropolis. For upgrades, I say Samurai Eddie and The Ferryman.
    All sharp blades in their own right, just maybe not as devastating anymore...

    The fun stat about the Lord of Light Frontier Dungeon keys blew my mind. Holy hell, that's a lot of SOT (a quick estimate puts it around 500,000 per day) - and that's just for one dungeon. Fairly impressive...

    The Christmas Trailer was cool. A nice look at things coming up, even if it did kinda feel like a segment on Entertainment Tonight (I kid). More stuff like this please...
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    Personally, I’d love to see Iron Maiden and Killers Ed be awakenable or even just receive a buff or two.
    They’re both great Ed’s that I feel needs a solid boost to make them excellent (especially Killers due to Night City being a hard grind)
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    Instead of spending precious time awakening junk characters make the best ones more powerful like Killer Prime and Gambler Ed with fury added.
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