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Welcome the harbinger of holiday hell! Dark Advent Lilith is the fully skill sharded awakenable special edition version of Dark Lilith who comes armed with the new Slay Belle passive that makes her immune to many deadly effects while innately reducing enemy accuracy!

Krampus is back and deadlier than ever! This wicked Warrior excels at shooting down individual targets, especially if they are frozen. Krampus also has a chance to Mark targets for additional damage if they are suffering from Crave effects whenever he is healed!

Get full character details in the Compendium!

From now until December 31st at 4PM PT, travel back to the snowy streets of London for the next chapter in Tiny Timís story! The Tiny Tim Strikes Back dungeon comes with 4 difficulty settings and an exciting new storyline!

The first time you complete Normal, Hard or Madness, you will earn set rewards including:

Christmas Souls
Serenity Talismans (Will Subtype)

Your first Insanity run will grant T3 2★ Cosmic Evo Runes and Talisman Epic Soul Fragments.

All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide:

  • Christmas Currency
  • Dungeon Fragments
  • A chance of up to 2 bonus rewards, including: Space Talismans (Will Subtype).

Christmas Currency can be traded in store for a variety of items including Christmas Souls in bundles of 1, 3 and 10, Festive Awakening Shards and THREE Christmas characters - The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Giving and the NEW Warrior Krampus!

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Dungeon Soul Fragments at a 20% rate. See our Event Currency guide here for more details on the system overall:

Completing Tiny Tim Event Challenges will grant various other rewards, including more Christmas Currency, new Parcel Talismans (Will Subtype) and Equilibrium Fragments!

Parcel Talismans are a yellow talisman with a 4-set effect. Equipping this set will do the following:

Remove All Negative Effects, including Silver effects, from a random ally and grant them up to 3 Random Beneficial Effects, including Golden effects, for 2 turns at the start of battle, at the start of your turn and after every action. Copy All Beneficial Effects, including Golden effects, on self to a random ally after every action.

Equilibrium Fragments are the event currency of our Forbidden Knowledge Clan Mega event that is running until January.

Trade your Equilibrium Fragments in the Event Store for rare rewards including Baphomet, Rare Talismans and more!

You can learn more about this featured event in the Forbidden Knowledge event post here!

Christmas Soul Details!

The Christmas Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class and has an increased chance of summoning previous Christmas characters such as Coalgiver Eddie, Scrooge Eddie, Nutcracker, Christmas Ghosts and more. It also has an exclusive chance of summoning Dark Advent Lilith and Warrior Krampus.

Each Christmas Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:

  • 10 Mythical Soul Fragments
  • 20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 5★ Gold Idol.

Event Store Additions:

  • Use your extra Christmas Currency to trade for Cosmic Archer and Cosmic Trooper Talismans, Heroic Legendary Souls and more
  • Pick up the Slay Belle Pack! This bundle contains Assassin Awakening Shards, Gold, Ironite, Frontier Coins and 6 Festive Awakening Shards! It also contains a T2 Gold Cosmic Talisman with an Angel set-effect.
  • Get another full set of Parcel and Serenity Talismans, along with Sands of War, Ironite and some Gold!
  • Trade in Ironite to pick up Parcel, Serenity or Space Talisman Finisher Packs
  • Grab an additional boost of Currency to trade for more items in the Event Store. This pack also contains Talisman Soul Fragments, Frontier Coins, Ironite and more!
  • Pick up the Warrior and Assassin Power Up Packs to strengthen your newest characters

Dungeon Fragment Details:

Dungeon Fragments will drop in event Dungeons. Use Dungeon Fragments to purchase items found within the Dungeon Tab of the Rewards store. You can continue collecting and building your stockpiles of Dungeon Fragments with each Dungeon event.

Please note that the items available for Dungeon Fragments disappear between dungeon events. They will reappear again with the same items available the next time a dungeon event is held.

Since these Fragments are meant to be spent in store, they cannot be converted to Precious Soul Fragments and will Ďloopí if you claim a Dungeon Soul (if claimed, a Dungeon Soul will simply produce 1000 Dungeon Fragments, and 1 1★ Gold Idol, thus returning the fragments used to create it, and the Gold spent to summon it).