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    Did anybody get a dark advent lilith at all?
    I haven't seen any as troopers and good new characters usually turn up in there since people like to show them off.
    I've done well over 2000 insanity runs, which isn't as many as some of you but should really be enough to get anything a dungeon's got to offer.
    The info in the book of souls shows that we should get a 5* christmas toon in 2.5% of christmas souls. There are seven to choose from including dal, so if there's an equal chance of getting each then 1 in 280 souls should contain her.
    That would mean that you'd need to sacrifice around 195 souls to have a 50% chance of getting her, so if you've gone through more than that you should be able to count yourself unlucky.
    That is of course if there's an equal chance of each character.
    One thing is that in the description of the legendary and mythical christmas souls it specifically says that there is an equal chance of each character within their respective rarity. In the description of the ordinary christmas soul it doesn't say this. I'd assume that this is something that should be taken for granted since the description gives very specific percentages of the likelihood of getting different things.
    If there is less chance of getting dal compared to the other 5* characters this certainly should have been made clear in the description and the percentage chance for getting her should have been included too. The description strikes me as deliberately misleading otherwise.
    A 1 in 280 chance of getting a character is pretty dismal odds anyway. There's no way I would have wasted any time or ironite plodding through this dungeon for days if I'd known the real odds were actually even worse than that.

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    I doubt the drop rates were even for all christmas characters
    After 4K+ insaity runs I've got all 5* christmas toons 2-3 times, except Lilith. And I'm not the only one, no one in my clan got her. Whare are the chances

    She was dropping from mythical christmas souls that you can buy for $100

    This event was the most dissapointing I've ever seen. Grinding events are always insane, but having a reward at the end of it, at least keeps the players hooked.
    I've learnt the lesson, I will stop playing in these pointless events... grind ended for me.

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