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    Possible Raids bug?

    When the servers were going slowly this evening, my clanmates were having trouble with BaphX. They'd kill him and it would say they didn't. The servers seem fine now, but we're still seeing trouble with the raid. I went in to fight BaphX, killed him, and right when he died, I got a connection time out. When I hit okay, it took me back to the selection screen having used my blood and my characters, but not having counted Baph as being hurt.

    I don't know if I just got really unlucky or if there's something going on with Baph right now. Is anyone else having trouble?

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    I think the servers are still shaky. I'm getting the same thing in arena, win a battle, sometimes get connection error, lost sow, no credit for the win. Not nearly as big a deal as losing a sob, but I'm not going to do any raid battles for a few hours just in case. What a waste of time and resources. Hope they take all this into account in their compensation pack.

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