Welcome to the News Frontier!

Been a long time, I am sorry for that! I have had every intention of doing these posts every other week but have not been able to find the time to make sure that happened.

Let's talk through some things that have been happening now that it's 2021.

Sacrifice Events

Sacrifice events are no longer a shorter event during the month where you have to hold all your fodder and extra characters, to maximize your potential rewards. Now you have the entire month to earn Sacrifice Currency, which no longer expires between events! This means, if you don't want or need the Event Character, just save your currency for the next one!

This new type of month long event is here to stay, however there will be some changes made to the rewards system.

We heard the communities feedback on the cost of Ed Hunter. Members of the team have organized a schedule of rewards that will now be tiered in their cost. For now, there will be 2 event Characters for you to potentially collect, one at 50k Currency and one at 25k. This will be the normal format for now. Other rewards for smaller amounts of Sacrifice Currency will still be available each month including Awakening packs, Talisman upgrade packs and more.

The release of the Characters for the Sacrifice Events will only be announced with the beginning of the event.

The last note on this is that some Events might come up from time to time with Challenges that require Sacrifices to complete, these will come up in the same type of events that they always have (Variety events for example).

If you have more questions surrounding this, feel free to ask them and I will answer to the best of my ability!

Avalon is coming!

As you might have guessed, the release of Avalon is right around the corner! This world release will be different from previous releases, but I will share more on that during February.

We hope you have enjoyed the Gateway to Avalon monthly event, getting introduced to some of the characters that you will encounter when you are in the World of Avalon. We have a few more events coming this month and many more characters to be introduced when Avalon is released!

You might have seen from the Warrior Knights Passive that we have Arthur on the way, I will talk about him another day, but we have one more event with an Avalon character to collect this month!

Towerfall Talisman Votes!

The votes are in! Earlier this month we asked the Community to vote on which Talismans you would like to see as the rewards for the Towerfall 2021 Events & here they are!

What other rewards would you like to be able to vote on if you could?

Community Events

This is mostly just a friendly reminder to follow at least one of our Social pages (links below) so that you don't miss out on these Community Challenges and their rewards!

These will continue to be a frequent social event, offering the chance at an event or special character. So pick a page (or all of them!) and drop a follow!




Compensation pack for Scorched Sun issues

As you are all aware, there were some issues at the beginning of the Scorched Sun event, these have since been resolved. Thank you for you patience with us as we got that sorted.

Good news is, there is now a Compensation pack in the store (located in the Specials Tab) that you can collect between now and January 28th!

That's it from me, look for another update in 2 weeks! I'll bring some cool artwork for that post too.

Signing out