I finished the event a few days ago, I liked. Usually boss are easy but they might be a little tedious. Not this time, I don't know why. Also, I really appreciate the gesture of double hitting events doing the same runs or have the option on where to run (in this case the best two option for me where Road to.. and FF)

The toons themselves don't appear to be outstanding but they dont have to... I love the cartoon/pixar stylish they have.

So, once again, thks for the event!

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What do you think about the formorians if you only acquire 1 of them? No balor, only the gunner. As a stand alone character how do they compare to other characters in your opinion? Do they have any recommended uses with other teams? Value for what talismans they can hold?
At first sight, without having those toons tested as it should, the Gunner one has some value. Just because I like to have slot options, and the gunner gives you blue and red. Otherwise, they feel like 4 stars toons... but again, dont pay me much attention, I haven't properly used them.