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    Steal and Heal (Evolution) - Earn Cosmic Talismans and Upgrade Materials!

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    Earn Talisman Souls from Event Challenges, and summon to claim GUARANTEED Cosmic Talismans.

    From now until February 25th at 4pm PT, complete Event Challenges by powering up and evolving your characters and talismans to earn a variety of rewards including Cosmic Evolution Materials, Talisman Soul Fragments and Absolute Darkness Currency.

    Absolute Darkness Currency is the event currency of our Protector of Souls Event.

    Trade your Absolute Darkness Currency in the Event Store for rare rewards including Nephthys, Cosmic Comet Talismans and more!

    You can learn more about this month's featured event in the Protector of Souls event post here!

    BONUS: Complete Event Challenge Stretch Goals to receive Evolution Talisman Soul Fragments!

    300 Evolution Talisman Fragments = 1 Evolution Talisman Soul

    The Evolution Talisman Soul is a unique Soul with contents that will change on a monthly basis (similar to Heroic Souls!).

    We’ve changed up these Souls for 2021. Now, instead of granting a Purple Cosmic Talisman, these Souls have a chance of dropping a T1, T2 OR T3 Gold Cosmic Talisman, and will also provide 100 Epic Evolution Talisman Soul Fragments.

    300 Epic Evolution Talisman Fragments = 1 Epic Evolution Talisman Soul

    The Epic Evolution Talisman Soul will grant a guaranteed T2 Gold Cosmic Talisman with the set-bonus of the month! It will also provide 100 Mythic Evolution Talisman Fragments.

    400 Mythic Evolution Talisman Fragments = 1 Mythic Evolution Talisman Soul

    When summoned, this Soul will provide a guaranteed T3 Gold Cosmic Talisman with the set-bonus of the month.

    This month all Evolution Talisman Souls are guaranteed to summon a Gold Cosmic Talisman with the ability to grant the Greed set bonus! This set bonus gives a 50% Chance to Remove Perfect Immunity from the target on basic attacks. It will also Steal a random beneficial effect from the target on basic attacks and Heal all allies on Perfect Attacks.

    Note: It doesn’t matter when you earned the soul; the Talisman you will earn is determined when you open the soul, so saved up souls and fragments will change what they can give over time!

    You can learn more about Cosmic Talisman categorization, and how to power them up here!

    We have a few deals in store to help you grow and power up your Cosmic Talisman collection!

    • We have 12 Cosmic Talisman Upgrade Packs available now! 6 of these packs contain the materials needed to evolve 3 T1-T3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talismans for 1* to 3* depending on the pack you’ve purchased. The other 6 packs will take 1 T1-T3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman from 3* to 5*!

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    I like this event too.

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    I like this event three!

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    The monthly catch-up event or as I like to call it the "I should have waited to awaken my toons, now I have no gold".

    Gib gold pls

    Yes, I was the guy with the "now not so meme" arena defense of Shaman Eddie and three ult. Sac. Hearts. Changed a Heart and Eddie

    DEF: Day of the Dead Eddie (Prudence, Nagual T3); Valentine's: Starfire; Heart1: Ragnarok, Echo; Heart2: Orbit.

    I campaign to no end or avail for a general talisman rework (small talisman sets, max size of sets becoming 2, 3 slots per toon, one of those for cosmic only)

    Proud member of ChileanMaiden #RenunciaPiñera

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    Nice and straight forward. While evolution events usually last a while, don't wait too long and miss out on all the extra rewards. The sooner you get it done, the better.

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