Great analysis and awesome work as usual.

Let me be the sour one, you start recounting your experience in this dungeon by stating you don't have the designated required toons to farm it.

But you did beat it, just as I did.

Meaning you used bespoke talismans on all of your team.

None of which can be arranged anywhere but previous events.

See where I'm headed there ?

We need to assess that in regard to the event quality.

Loyal, years long players that skipped a couple hard grinding events for exotic characters are cut off from farming it.

Anyone who isn't a long time dedicated olayer having all those bespokes is just unable to try it.

IMNSHO, this event was designed only to push players to grind for the two sentinel bosses, which are both lacking love since everyone went with cosmic warrior and assassin on them, and to create want for dark road whatever who clearly is dominating every dungeon they put out after him, just like sfm did.

Not saying Bruce is a megalomaniac, but that there is a definite bias somewhere, the game design is going haywire with powercreep and the designers clearly have no idea what they're doing.

Us long time players still see our phones grind for hours on easy dungeons for 1* materials, because hey, super powerful talismans come as 3* and must evolve, mind you, but none of the high levels dungeon ever drops 1* stuff.

Seasoned players with a dumb trick run 3 dozen baph X per day just to show off stacks of hundreds of thousands ironite, laughing at the developers, and it's all quite normal.

What's next ? Hollybeast for Easter ? Dark road returns for summer in Malibu ? Neon pink scream for me is in for April 1st ? Super battlefield that's 666 times harder than powerslave hard ?

Stay tuned for our next episode of "what did they smoke while designing this event !!! It sure wasn't paisley !!!"

As always, there's a degree of humour in this post, do please have some more paisley before reacting.