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    An indecent Goodbye.

    4 years ago a kid set out with a dream to beat Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. Well, he did. But then he kept playing. At first he wanted to play with all the characters he didn't have. Then he got all of the original characters, at first he enjoyed the work it took to get new characters and items, but after a while it began to wear on him. When he joined a clan, it reinvigorated his drive to have the best clan around. But then real life started to get more stressful and he found it difficult to play all of the constant events going on, but he still tried his best despite everything. Or at least he did until it became too much for him to handle. Nowadays just logging in has become sort of a mythical event for him and on this 4 year anniversary he has decided that there's nothing left for him to do here.

    I'm quitting this game for good. I wanted to wait until this day for something wonderful to change but nothing has made me happy to play in months. Maybe I'll come back when new story chapters drop but I can't bring myself to be dead weight in this game anymore.

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    I hear you loud and clear, Amarthir. Best of luck, and above all, stay Maiden!

    For the record, I just quit any and all cash purchases after the bullshit Christmas event, and now I just play when I feel like it and don’t worry about whether or not I complete events. I just play for the hell of it now.
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    Really hope to see you back here my friend! All the best to you!
    Nothing more to add, cause your words always spoke the truth and from the hearts of many.

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