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    A Sincere Request of the Developers

    Hello all. I know you guys are trying your hardest especially during a pandemic to produce quality content for us, and again I appreciate it. I do enjoy this game quite a bit. However, I need to make a request because it just has annoyed me to an endless degree:

    Please remove innate immobility effects from this game (aside from innate sleep, that one can stay).

    Innate Stun and Innate Freeze are terrible effects to run into, and they are far too powerful to have such flimsy counters. For instance, Innate Stun is countered by Thor Ed's passive and Cosmic Lilith's passive. However, both of these characters can easily be passive disabled, and ground into literal dust.

    Innate effects in general are extremely annoying to face off against because A. only a few characters, like Gabriel, can cleanse them, B. we can't see when they are applied, so we have to memorize every innate effect and which toon can cast it, and C. they just make the game really unfun.

    Immobility effects feel so much worse though, because we literally cannot fight back. If Odin uses his fury, you cannot fight back. That's it. Rot talismans triggered? Well, you're stunned for the remainder of the battle. LAD just used his fury and you didn't bring along a character who stops Apparition? Well, you're losing that character now.

    On a fundamental level, innate effects feel cheap and broken. There isn't really a great way to counter them, and I really don't know the design philosophy. I really don't know how these sorts of things are play tested, but you're telling me that no one on the dev team thought "hey, it's not fun to face off against a wall of stuns?"

    Please either remove them or give us more options to counter them. I'm a veteran of this game, and I can only imagine how awful it is for newer players to face off against this.

    I know you guys are doing your best and I appreciate it, but please just stop with the endless innate effect meta that you are slowly creating.

    Thank you to whoever took the time to read this.

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    I'll be glad to be wrong. But your words will go away like water to dry land.
    I also love this game. But less and less

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