Anyone hear from support recently? On January 8th, I decided to claim a bunch of clan fragments I was holding onto. I was up to around 60,000 epic clan fragments and tried to convert them and open the souls. The first stack of 99 souls froze on the reward screen and I didn't get any rewards added to my account. So I went back in and the stack of 99 epic clan souls was still there. But most of my epic clan fragments vanished. I tried logging in and out and also re-installing the game to get the missing fragments, but it didn't work. So I opened a support ticket on January 8th and Customer support responded on January 15th that there were 40,890 more epic clan fragments remaining in my account, so I sent a picture on January 16th of the 6200 epic clan fragments that were in my account, well short of the 40,890 frags that support told me were there (most of the 6200 were earned during the Gods and Guardians raid clan event after the error on January 8th).

I've held off on claiming any epic, legendary or mythical clan fragments and I still have the stack of 99 epic clan souls (from the original 60,000 fragments), but I'm really hoping the missing epic clan fragments get added soon so I can resume opening all my clan souls. That is a lot of rewards to lose out on, so I'm hoping this gets resolved. The ticket number is # 67866. Sorry for the long read, but I was wondering if everything is ok with customer support? Maybe support is really swamped and they haven't gotten a chance to respond again? Thank you for any assistance!