Hi there, I have a few suggestions to make for easy QoL improvements, maybe they find their way on your roadmap:
1. General scrolling:
In the stores, when you buy an item, it would be better if the list position did not reset to the first item in line. This would make it vastly easier to buy multiple items of the same type by not having to scroll to the right for half a mile every time.
In the Book of Souls, when you sacrifice a stack of souls, it would be better if the list would not scroll all the way back up but would stay at the current position, same as above.
2. Keys:
I think the vast number of keys would warrant a separate Book of Keys
3. Selling stuff: can you enable selling of Talismans directly in the screen after opening a Talisman soul, similar to the Satellite 15 screen? 90% of the Talisman souls result in dupes that I then need to sell to manage the available space, but I then need to search for them in the team screen / selling dialog.
4. Dupe characters: can you find a way of identifying each dupe in the character selection? Different dupes have different Talisman loadouts, and it would be great to see which is which on a glance, maybe by simply placing a number in the portrait picture.

That's all for now, it would be great if one or all of them would find their way into a future upgrade. I hope that none of them are a big deal to implement.