Alright, let's crack this open!

Sacrifice March 2021: The new sacrifice event format is quite nice, though I do wonder who will be returning this time. Maybe we'll see Holibeast return, despite his Christmas attire?
Final Journey: I think this will be a pirate frontier dungeon, with Blackbeard Ed being the main catch of the dungeon. Sounds neat, so hopefully it'll be a fun little challenge.
Timeless Spirits: Not too sure on this one. The month's theme is certainly based on Avalon, but I am unsure of whether it's related to the month or not. Either way, sands events are typically pretty giving.
Forged in Flames: Same as usual, standard Evo event.
Magus Mystic: So this is certainly Avalon themed. I wonder if this Mystic will have any relation to the Clairvoyant. Maybe we will get more Zodiac talismans from this event as well.
Emerald and Gold: St. Patricks day gets a dungeon this time around, I assume with the Leprecount returning to face off with his new tuning changes.
Destined Encounter: Perhaps this is where we will get those eternal awakening shards needed for Eternity Eddie after the next tuning update?
Angelic Prophecies: Not too sure, Brave New World events are kinda nebulous in their rewards.

Finally, the month-long event Isle of the Dead. This is clearly Avalon focused, and I think that this is how we will get that Merlin Ed character mentioned in the tuning notes. I wonder if he'll be any better than King Arthur Eddie.

What are you guys' predictions?