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    Not sure how easy this would be to implement but having an additional button similar to the padlock on characters in the My Team screen that would allow you to flag different sets of characters would be useful (it could even just be a variation of the padlock - press and hold to select different colours). If these could then be filtered in the Team Select screens you could easily navigate to preferred characters for certain levels, e.g. you could give a red padlock/flag to characters that are useful against Baphomet X, then just filter those in the team select screen and avoid all the scrolling.
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    That's a great suggestion, dragonmat! Code wise, that's considerably cheaper than things I've suggested while providing a ton of value for us players.

    It could be a "Team" number and range from 0 to 9. The character sheet would get a "Team 0" button and if you tap it, it cycles through the numbers, Team 0, Team 1, Team 2 ... Team 9, Team 0.

    Then in the sort, the same way you can currently sort by All Colors, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple add a new button that is sort by Teams. Bonus points if you can't sort by teams you haven't assigned. (So, if I only have characters in Team 0 and Team 1, it only cycles between All Teams, 0, and 1, and skips the others. But if I've assigned characters to Teams 2 and 3 as well, it would cycle through those 5 options.)

    I'd probably make all my Baph fighters "Team 1" and leave everyone else as "Team 0". Or, maybe I'd make my Baph debuffers Team 1, my Revenge Blockers Team 2, and my 6 hitters Team 3. Etc.

    A downside is that you couldn't have a character on two different teams, but the benefit per dev cost here is so high that I'd take that feature in a heartbeat and be happy.

    For the code, it would take:
    1 extra integer being added to the character state.
    Space on the character sheet for the new button.
    Space on the sort panel to choose the team sort.
    The small amount of logic to cycle through the team values.
    The small amount of extra logic in the sort code (note that it needs to sort both team and color together).

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