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Hello Troopers!

We hope you are enjoying Part one of The Isle of Avalon! If you havenít entered the Isle just yet, here are some things you should know!

Part one of Avalonís release includes 3 nodes that contain missions. There will be a total of 10 Combat missions with 5 story quests (cut scenes and story progression). The Combat missions are only available in Normal Difficulty at the time of this release.

Each of the Combat missions will have 3 Skulls that can be collected, but Skull Quests will not be available until the full and final release of Avalon, due Summer 2021

Part 2 of the Avalon release is currently planned for May 2021 and it will include more story and combat missions, Part 3 will available soon after that!

We have a number of events this March that feature Avalonian characters including Merlin Eddie, Angels, Mystics and more!

We recommend completing the Lord of Light Awakening Dungeon (XI-XV) before entering, as Isle of Avalon is a continuation of this story.

There is a mission, "I Can Hear Them" , with a Skull objective that asks you to finish with 100% HP at the end of the battle. This is a particularly tricky objective due to some of the enemy abilities you'll be facing off against. We guarantee that this objective is completable with the right line up.

The mechanic you need to combat here is the Fomorian Passive. It will apply Perfect Time Bombs when attacked and they can also increase the duration of negative effects on their enemies, setting those bombs off instantly!

Some options to bring with you are characters like The Prisoner for his Passive Disable, Nephthys for her Passive that removes negative effects (and her great healing). Skuld, Cosmic Valhalla Maiden can get rid of all Silver Effects with her basic attack too! For Talismans, look to sets that can provide Immunity or removal of Silver Effects like Mercy or Clover Talismans!