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    Strange bug while playing on the Cosmic Talisman Dungeon

    So i was playing normally on this dungeon to farm cyborg fragments and this random bug occured:

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    The little robo scout guy is where he shouldnt be

    I noticed that happens when i kill the Speed of Light Eddie during phase 2, and then the robo scouts dies but also revives with 30% of his health.

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    Wondering why this happens, even the bug causes to my characters to literally got swallowed by the ground and clip out of the map

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    The bug persist until the final wave, during the Virtual XI Eddie encounter, its gets pretty annoying because, i dont know who character im damaging, i hope got a response soon
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    You do see this bug often in dungeons. I think during Powerslave (Hard) I was regularly seeing false copies of previous waves at the sides and all 5 of the current wave were overlapping in the middle, which made selecting enemies impossible. It does seem to link to reviving characters that revive as the Eddie for a wave (which acts as a boss) dies, so they revive but the wave is already defeated.
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