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    Whether it be in the monthly list or BNW events (or even better both) I would love to have an even reason to that cosmic key. Right now I mainly run it to clear up space in my filled to the brim BoS.
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    Sorry I wasn't able to post this while the event was still running. Ended up being far busier irl than expected, accidentally let my event currency expire too. Opps!

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    I was quite ambivalent about this event. I like events highlighting older parts of the game such as BNW and being able to farm the event currency was welcomed. The drop rates felt similar to what we expect from the regular LoL character fragment events (I've been getting roughly ~6.5 in BNW X and LoL XI recently), but the farming goals were much higher than a LoL event. While this was likely because there was a 5* character on offer instead of the LoL's 4* character and talismans, it was rather more daunting than expected. For the guaranteed 5* sentinel angel, in addition to completing all the event challenges, you would need to farm up to another 8000 currency. At the drop rates I was experiencing, this would have been ~1,200 BNW X runs, and around 3k ironite-worth of SoT. I didn't end up going for it in the end, decided the better use of my time was farming the mega-event dungeons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alvorada View Post
    A sincere suggestion: in future BNW events, consider to include runs at cosmic talisman frontier dungeon as well.
    I like this suggestion. I almost never go into the Cosmic Talisman dungeon, and would love a reason to go back in there and double up on some achievements.

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