My 1st officer was trying to play the raid during the night of the reset 2 weeks ago. From what he told me via our would lock him out of the fight and take his blood. He is not the type to leave Baphomet unfinished. Shit went sideways, he tried the old log out technique to clear things up and was never able to log back on. He naturally contacted support for help. No response for a week. Once there was a reply he was told that it may be an issue with his Facebook, even though his Facebook account hasn't changed in any way. 3 plus years of grinding and whatever $ he spent down the damn drain because his account is " irretrievable". I find that hard to believe. It gets harder to inspire clan members to succeed when it constantly feels like the deck is stacked against you. Like people don't give a shit if you play their game or don't. That's all