I know I could have posted this in the April Events thread rather than making a completely separate thread about just one of the events by itself, but Iím trying to get to the bottom of this and posting this in the other thread limits all of this to only being seen by people who go to thread and happen to see it. So Iím posting it this way just so more eyes will be able to see it.

So can anybody tell me what the deal is for Sacrifice April 21? Is this happening in place of the regular sacrifice event? The reason why Iím sort of confused about this event is because there doesnít seem to be any event challenges for this like with previous sacrifice events, and not just that but for events in general. And also for the fact that the sacrifice events have always lasted for about a week, and this right here appears to have a month long window of time. So Iím not sure if Iím understanding this event correctly. Is this a replacement of the regular monthly sacrifice events? And are we meant to be performing sacrifices for the duration of the entire month instead of sacrificing for a week like the other sacrifice events?