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The best way seems to be to ignore the option 1 altogether and use the currency to buy Vengeance Souls from the store. This gives you a chance to get the Angel from a random drop (about a 64% chance of getting the Angel by opening 50 souls) and collect the fragments which guarantees the Angel after 50 souls. This will cost 8.8k Viking currency (as you get 6 souls by completing one run of each of the first 3 difficulties) to buy the souls which is a lot cheaper than getting the Angel direct from the store and gives you a chance of an early drop.
Typically for these events, it will cost around 2.2k-2.5k ironite to grind through Insanity or Madness to get the currency for all the souls and guarantee the Angel
This is the best guide to farm Warrior Angel, and this dungeon is pretty easy to beat, not like other (ejem Arcade Dungeon)