Hello Troopers!

Welcome to a slightly new version of the Tuning Notes. Over time this will evolve into a combination of the monthly Tuning Notes and the old weekly News Frontier. Just to soften the change, I will still be including the screenshots of the traditional Tuning notes this month!

In this post, we will begin to include things like Bugs that have been fixed and are due for release in the monthly update along with exciting events, giveaways, stream schedules and more. Please also feel free to include in the Discussion thread what you would like to see in monthly updates.

This week will be mostly Tuning Notes, but please feel free to let us know in the comments on our social pages or here on the Forum, how was your experience with the Amon Amarth collaboration!? Is everyone enjoying the Berserker? Are you a new player to Legacy of the Beast?

So lets get right into it, shall we?


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You can also look forward to some bug fixes (Curious case of the disappearing Flag from Infinite Dreams Eddie), Twitch Streams and more coming up!

Discussion over in the Discussion Thread!

^ Ceeg