Alright, let's get to it.

Sacrifice May 2021: Could be anyone for this month, I'm not too sure.
En Garde!: Maybe another way to gain Riposte talismans? That's what comes to mind for me.
The Ruse of Rue Morgue: So with the later ally frag event in the month, I assume we are fighting an Orangutan?
Evade and Mark: Archer talismans evo event.
Spring Tour 2021: The usual gauntlet off-season.
Warrior Orangutan: Likely the ape from the original Rue Morgue poem. An interesting character for sure.
Iron Resolve: Raid boss events are always great, but I am unsure as to what this event is going to feature.
Eternal Conflict: I'm not too sure as to what this could be; Eternal awakening shards maybe?
Into the Abyss: Again, not too sure. A lot of this month's events have very nebulous titles.

Finally, Chords of Steel is the monthly event. There is a large contraption in the event poster that looks like an Iron Maiden, but that's all I can gather.

What do you guys think for this month?